Investing in Shoreline Sibaya

Retirement is the fastest growing residential investment segment within the country at present. In KwaZulu-Natal alone, there is currently a 32% demand from people looking to invest in retirement. Investing in Shoreline Sibaya secures your retirement living for the future and benefits you financially now.


By buying into the first retirement estate within Sibaya Coastal Precinct, there is a larger potential around capital appreciation than virtually any other area in the country. Investors who have purchased other residential options within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, have done so expecting to see between 20% and 30% growth in the value of their property, between securing the units and the transfer, based on the demand of this remarkable area. These property valuations are expected to see a further escalation, in the case of an off-plan retirement estate based on the demand and scarcity of stock.


The major difference between property investment and the stock market, is that stocks cannot be leveraged. This means that with stocks, one can only make a return on the amount physically invested. In the case of Shoreline Sibaya, an investor would put down their 10% deposit on their purchase price initially and then only be required to make a further payment once the building is complete, thus benefiting from growth on the full value of the property. For example, on a purchase price of R2 million, the purchaser would thus put down a R200,000 deposit, but make potential capital appreciation of R600,000 before making their first bond repayment, which is a return of 300% on the initial deposit amount.


This combined with not paying transfer duties or a levy stabilisation fee upfront, as well as strong rental income opportunities, makes Shoreline Sibaya an unsurpassed investment across all sectors.

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