Beautiful vistas for all

All facets of Shoreline Sibaya have been created to emphasize convenience and practicality, as well as create beautiful green spaces.

Shoreline Sibaya is surrounded by beautiful views of nature, from cane fields, forest trees to the spectacular Indian ocean. Residents will enjoy beautiful sea or North facing vistas from their apartments. The single-level units are easily accessible from parking, and boast lush green roofs and for some units, an exclusive use courtyard area, giving residents from the higher floors a beautifully landscaped space to look on to.

You can rest assured that Shoreline Sibaya will not be a typical apartment block, as developers and landscapers aim to make the space verdant and fresh. While making the most of the beautiful vistas all around, residents will be enticed to enjoy a more active outdoor lifestyle, where they can enjoy these delightful spaces.