Care for now, not just for later

Shoreline Sibaya features the flagship MyCare Centre onsite, and provides each and every resident with tailor-made care. When making Shoreline Sibaya your home for retirement, the care will not only be provided when you need it at a later stage, it is available from the time you move in.

Ensuring residents have care from the time they make Shoreline Sibaya their home, means that each person can maintain their independence, as well as remain healthier for much longer. For some it may just be an annual health check for blood pressure and cholesterol. As time passes, our bodies change and require more attention than before. With having access to regular care, it ensures that as you require more attention, you have it readily available.

Shoreline Sibaya presents modern, luxurious single-level sectional title apartments for over 50s and prides itself on encouraging active aging. Through the incorporation of MyCare, residents have the additional help and home-based care services available, so that should they ever need it, they can be expertly cared for in the comfort of their own home.