Creating a sustainable lifestyle

“Every 7.5 seconds, another baby boomer turns 50,” said Sandy Markwood, CEO of the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (N4A).

It is becoming increasingly important for retirement developments to create a lifestyle that is sustainable for its residents. Carmel Properties, the developers of Shoreline Sibaya, work off four key pillars, namely: security, care, lifestyle and sustainability.

Understanding the needs of the market and the financial restraints that most retirees are under, the developers of Carmel Properties have taken on the levy stabilisation fee. This is a significant lump sum that will be saved when making Shoreline Sibaya your home. In addition to cutting costs, Shoreline have included a ‘care levy’ that provides access to onsite care, ensuring your health and wellness needs are taken care of.

Care is a huge component of the sustainable element in Shoreline Sibaya. From day one, whether residents are healthy, able and fit, they undergo a health assessment to determine what type of care is needed. Residents will have access to personalised care plans that will be revised once a year, in order to maintain independence, ensure a great quality of life, as well as have access to members of a multi-disciplinary team. In addition to trying to help residents maintain healthy lifestyles, Shoreline Sibaya provides platforms for retirees to maintain active, social lives.

Rest assured that when living at Shoreline Sibaya, life is made much easier and convenient for the over 55s.