Embracing retirement

The first year of retirement needs some getting used to. From going to work for over 40 years, possibly working part-time to finally retiring, it’s quite an adjustment. We want to ensure you embrace retirement and overcome the small challenges you face in the first year.


Time is yours

You’re no longer bogged down by a 9am – 5pm job, you have the freedom to do as you please, when you please. It might seem strange at first; you have so much time but very little to keep you busy. The challenge you will encounter is that all this time alone can often lead to feelings of boredom and loneliness. It is important to establish a new routine and find activities you will enjoy doing on a daily basis. Enjoy an hour to read each day, visit your friends at the Shoreline Sibaya community centre, walk around the Sibaya Coastal Precinct’s magnificent surrounds, paint, go play golf; the list is endless.


Budgeting done differently

Now is the time to be careful with your finances; your monthly income is not as flexible as it used to. Although you have a fixed income, you need to consider that retirees, like yourself, are now living up to 10 years longer. As a result, you will need to ensure that your money lasts just as long. In this case, we recommend that you continue to save money, even after you have retired.


Social changes

Having stopped work, you no longer have the assurance of seeing people all the time, after all, you won’t be in and around your work colleagues on a day-to-day basis. Creating a whole new social circle can sometimes be a challenge. Shoreline Sibaya ensures that residents have ample opportunities to make new friends and socialise on a regular basis. There are beautiful landscaped garden areas that create opportunities for individuals to meet up. There is also the use of the community centre, residents will have a central nook to find people to engage with regularly.


Retirement does require a bit of adapting, and it can be difficult, as for many, they have followed a routine for over 40 years. It might sound like a huge inconvenience, but after the first year of retirement, you will come into your own and truly embrace the joys of this thrilling phase of your life.