Invite the outdoors inside

You are surrounded by beautiful North-facing vistas, immaculately landscaped gardens and sea views that you don’t want to close off when you are home in your apartment. The indoor-outdoor design concept of Shoreline Sibaya is to ensure that you can welcome the outdoors in and still feel relaxed and secure in your own home. We look at the benefits of having adopted this concept and how it will transform your lifestyle for the better.


Sense of space

The height, together with the inside-outside feel of each apartment, ensures that the uninterrupted views will be enjoyed regardless of any future development. Having the additional space opens the apartment up, giving residents more room to enjoy.


Seamless living

Breaking away from the traditional housing where each room is separate, our design is open-plan. The apartment doors leading onto your veranda or garden make the lounge and living area an extension of your home. The indoor and outdoor concept works with the open-plan living space, creating open spaces and an elegant layout.


Having nature nearby

Research published by Nature Sacred and the TKF foundation, revealed that older people with access to nature resulted in an increase in outdoor activities, and showed signs of improved mental health and cognitive function, as well as an increase in social interaction. Incorporating an outdoor-indoor design concept into Shoreline Sibaya will help improve your well-being.