Making the move from your family home

It’s not easy saying goodbye to your beloved family home that holds so many memories. A survey conducted by Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and Financial Services along with Age Wave, found that prior to the age of 55, homeowners see the financial value of their homes over its emotional value. Post the age of 55, however, people are more likely to see their home’s emotional value as more important.


What’s even more difficult is downsizing from a family home into a more suitable abode for retirement. For many, the idea is to finance their retirement by selling their current home to use the money to invest in a secure retirement estate, and then invest the rest.


However, now that you’ve sold your often-larger family home and are ready to start a new chapter, what do you do with all your belongings? Before you pull out the boxes and begin packing, have a clear understanding of where you are intending to live, the new lifestyle you will lead and what items you can’t live without.


To help make the move a little easier, Shoreline Sibaya has designed their apartments to utilise space efficiently, as well as provide all apartments with a storage room. Storage units allow you to be a bit more lenient with what to keep and what to give away when moving, and doesn’t restrict you to confined spaces.


Making the move from your family home into retirement is a huge step, and should be planned and thought out to ensure it is a smooth transition, and most importantly an exciting one.