Shoreline Sibaya provides a potential financial solution

Are you in a situation where all your money is tied up in your home, the banks won’t approve a bond for you and, as a result, you can’t take advantage of off-plan opportunities like Shoreline Sibaya? We understand the struggle and have resolved this very problem with a potential financial solution, that will be a first of its kind for the retirement market.

Shoreline Sibaya has partnered with a specialist risk insurance company operating in guarantee and commercial markets. Their partnership with us will assist retired buyers who are sitting in a situation where their equity is sitting in their home. This will aid potential retiree home buyers who are stuck in a situation where all their financial backing is secured and invested in their current home. This will be a first for the South African market and will come as a relief as banks become more particular with their lending and generally do not grant bonds to people over the age of 65.

“We want to ensure you are able to plan ahead and take the next step into retirement easily. It can be a challenge to free your money and then have to wait for the development to complete construction. This solution helps bridge that gap and gives you a fair chance to invest in unsurpassed off plan developments, like Shoreline Sibaya,” shares Alan Beesley, Director of Carmel Properties.