TotalCare taking Shoreline Sibaya’s onsite Care Centre to the next level

Shoreline Sibaya entered the market with focus on four critical pillars, namely; security, care, lifestyle and sustainability. Every element of Shoreline Sibaya’s offering, whether it be through the research, designs or partnerships created, ensures that residents enjoy the highest quality of living. In light of this, Shoreline Sibaya is proud to announce its new partnership with South Africa’s leading care provider for older people; TotalCare.

“For many years, retirement homes have been plagued with inexperienced nursing or insufficient care for residents. When we set out to create Shoreline Sibaya, we wanted our retirement offering to ensure that our residents would have access to multi-disciplinary teams that are exceptional at what they do and maintain a high level of professionalism,” shares Leigh-Anne Aitken, developer representative for Shoreline Sibaya.

“We are exceptionally proud to be partnering with TotalCare. Their reputation exceeds them, and we are over the moon that they have entered the KZN market and are partnering with Shoreline Sibaya. Our first phase of construction has ensured that the Care Centre will also be ready and operational, so that those moving into this first phase will not have to wait any longer for onsite care,” ends Aitken.

With 20 years of experience behind them, TotalCare has become synonymous with specialised care for older people and have become a trusted name in the industry. TotalCare currently manage 7 existing care facilities within retirement estates across South Africa, and are renowned specialists in assisted living, dementia care and frail care.

While TotalCare provides a comprehensive traditional care package, their services also touch on Blue Zone principles, which merges with Shoreline Sibaya’s approach to providing residents with holistic well-being and care. The Blue Zone principles, which are inspired by those who have lived longer by example from across the globe, entail providing residents with a safe environment where they can move naturally and remain active, have a daily purpose, meditate, eat healthily and consciously, socialise and remain engaged with family. Through the adoption of these Blue Zones, residents will live longer, healthier and happier.

Shoreline Sibaya is a pet-friendly retirement estate, featuring modern, single-level sectional title apartments, that consist of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom options. To find out more about the available opportunities within Shoreline Sibaya, contact our team and make your one-on-one appointment to secure your place in KZN’s fastest selling retirement estate.